On the southwest corner of Sardinia there are two beautiful islands, San Pietro e Sant'Antioco. And beautiful villas and apartments for rent. Accommodation in S.Antioco e Carloforte

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special offers  Untouched nature,  Mediterranean maquis,  uncrowded sandy  beaches, rocky coves, two lively towns, history, and traditions. The moving story of the mines of South Sardinia, West Coast


Two cities founded in 1700 on Sant’Antioco Island,  South  Sardinia by the Genoese coral fishermen. Here the language and the cuisine are from Genoese tradition. Sant’Antioco rentals. Enjoy a wonderful holiday in S.Antioco.


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Villas and apartments for rent in Sant'Antioco, Carloforte, Calasetta
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11 prestigious accommodations in the Cala Sapone Villas

A short distance from the town of Sant 'Antioco, 1300 meters from the beach of Cala Sapone, 4 villas in a large landscaped garden. You can rent an entire house for your whole family, or rent one of eight apartments

A nice holiday home villa for 4/6 people

You can rent a nice villa with large garden and a large verandah, near the village of Maladroxia at 7km from the lively town of Sant 'Antioco . The villa is 4 / 6 people and is very close (800m) to the sandy beach of Maladroxia

A interesting holiday villa for 6 people

It is an accommodation suitable for individual tourists or families which are asking for a relaxing holiday.
The accommodations is the best starting point for visiting the real intact old south Sardinia.

Other nice accommodations in villa or apartment for rent
in South Sardinia, West coast

We offer other opportunities in the province of Carbonia and Iglesias. It’s the Sulcis Iglesiente, characterized by sweet views of hills and countryside, full of eucalyptus trees, olive trees, vineyards and Mediterranean maquis. An area along the sea, from Buggerru to Porto Pino, beaches and creeks where moored the sailboats of the Tabarkini, to load the materials of the mines

Sant’Antioco, Carloforte, Calasetta

Sant'Antioco is an island but is connected to the mainland by a bridge, originally built by the Romans. Here nature has not been raped by man; the Mediterranean maquis and olive trees spread everywhere over the hills to the sea, but there are two lively towns on the island: Sant'Antioco and Calasetta. Calasetta is right in front of the island of San Pietro with the town of Carloforte. Sant'Antioco is rich in history: was inhabited by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Saracens, and each of these populations has left archaeological traces that can be visited. Contrariwise the story of Calasetta and Carloforte is linked to the events of Genoese coral fishermen, on their return on the island, on the transport of materials of the mining, on the tuna fishing. Today, all three of these towns appear animated and lively, with streets and squares full with people for the ritual evening stroll, and to meet friends in restaurants and cafes. In Sant’Antioco, Carloforte, Calasetta, there are prestigious villas and apartments with sea view, which are rented to Italian and foreign visitors.

Italy - The true Sardinia - S. Antioco Italy -  Carloforte on San Pietro island, rentals accommodations Italy - Calasetta, fishers harbor, holiday homes for rent
The richness of southern Sardinia: uncrowded beaches
and crystal waters in pristine nature landscapes.

Few places in the world can boast of a sea and an endless array of beaches, coves, rocks. The southern Sardinia is perfect for wonderful beach vacations. Holiday homes for rent: villas and apartments near the beaches and in convenient locations.

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The archaeological remains on the island

The archaeological heritage of Sant'Antioco is truly immense; on the island there are ancient ruins ranging from the pre-Nuragic up to the Basilica del Santo (year 1102) and the Castle (year 1813) built by the inhabitants to defend themselves from the pirates.
The holidaymakers of the villas and of the apartments are on the island to enjoy their beach vacation; but they are invited to visit this great cultural and artistic heritage. They can visit the Menhirs of pre-nuragic era and numerous nuraghi. They can visit the necropolis of Phoenician Carthaginian era, and the catacombs of early Christian. Shortly before entering the town there is the bridge of Roman age; and many Roman ruins there are visible on the island.
The church of Sant 'Antioco Minor Basilica was rebuilt over the ruins of a church of the late Roman era. At the center of Sant’Antioco town there is the Archaeological Museum, which houses interesting documentation of all peoples who have inhabited this marvellous corner of the Mediterranean Sea

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For the biking lovers

The vacationers who have rented a villa or an apartment should not miss the opportunity to visit the islands by bike. You can use normal bikes because most of the roads are paved, but if you love to go into the middle of nature is better to rent a mountain bike.
The island of S. Antioco, province of Carbonia-Iglesias, Sardinia, seems made to be visited by bike. In a sixty kilometers you have the chance to see a lot of things, and enjoy them. Along the west coast you pass the saltpan, the main beach,  and the beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea (the great 'nest of sparrows'). Then you can go to Cala Lunga, Cala Sapone, the village Polyphemus. And you enter the island, and then you move closer to the sea at Cape Sperone, and then proceed through the Tower Cannai, and visit the beaches of Turri and Coaquaddus. Often the road is sheer above the beautiful coves of the sea. And when you're near Sant 'Antioco, the road runs along the ponds populated by pink flamingos. The holidaymakers can easily find the bicycle rental facilities, which will not fail to give any information on the most fascinating routes.

Sant’Antioco  South West Sardinia biking S.W. Sardinia Biking
rent a boat in Sant’Antioco
Rubber dinghies rental
For lovers of fishing and swimming.
One day on a boat

At the marina of Sant 'Antioco, the guests of the villas and apartments can rent a boat, which will be driven safely by local fishermen. You can experience the exciting adventure of fishing in different ways: with the  nets, with a line by hand ( bottom fishing), with the trolling ( deep sea fishing), or with the longlines with fifty hooks. It may be possible to cook the freshly caught fish on board.
Enjoy the sun and have a wonderful swim in the crystal waters, during the pauses in the fishing.
If you prefer to visit the coasts of the island alone, without the presence of fishermen on board, the best solution is to rent a rubber motor boat (It.: gommone). Along the marinas, both of Calasetta and Sant’Antioco, you will find easily rentals of  "gommoni". Make sure that the lease also includes insurance.

Wonderful experience in the middle of nature along the shores of the Sea Riding schools and horseback trekking.

There are several riding schools on the 'island of S. Antioco and on the nearby mainland. In your villa or apartment you will find all the information leaflets of these riding centers. If you are a beginner, these equestrian schools will teach you to ride a horse in a short time. If you are an experienced, you can ask to participate in excursions and trekking. Enjoy your holidays in Sant'Antioco accommodations!.

Riding Center Sardinia Riding school- Horseback trekking
For those who enjoy walking in nature. Hiking and trekking

The hiking paths and trails are delicious. You can move from a beach to a cliff along beautiful trails through the maquis and through the flowers, but always in sight of the sea. All travel agencies of Calasetta, Sant'Antioco and Carloforte will give you information on the trails, and on the people who organize groups of hikers. Even in the villa or apartment that you will take for rent are available many flyers concerning hiking and trekking

Hiking trekking in South Sardinia, Sant’Antioco Southwestern Sardinia South West
South Sardinia, snorkeling and scuba diving Scuba diving and snorkeling

The seabeds of the island of  S. Antioco, once famous for its coral fishing, are still very rich despite the passage of time. The coast is full of cliffs and coves, and the waters are crystal clear, which is why scuba diving and snorkeling are popular activities. In Sant'Antioco, Calasetta and Carloforte are a few diving centers and diving schools, which can also rent the equipment. In the villa or apartment that you take for rent there are a few flyers with information.

Holiday accommodations in Sant’Antioco South Sardinia

The holiday rental of an apartment or house or villa for rent in Sant’Antioco South Sardina West is a popular choice of families or groups of friends who want a comfortable base from which to leave for one day trips  to discover all the interesting places around. Self catering apartments and villas in S.Antioco to rent from week to week  by direct private owner  are quite frequent in this  corner of the true south Sardinia west coast. True because faithful to its history and its traditions, true because not destroyed by the aggressiveness of cement and yachts.
 A holiday apartment in Sant’Antioco, south Sardinia, as well as a villa for rent, are conveniently located for access to white sandy beaches interspersed with steep cliffs along the coast.  This is the reason why the S.Antioco island is one of the most popular destinations for holiday self catered accommodations in Italy.
Each cottage, villa, apartment or holiday house has a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, household linen and bedding, so that visitor can arrive with his light luggage only, that is with his personal clothing.
The holiday accommodations in Sant’Antioco are of different size; usually they have 2 bedrooms, a living room with kitchen, a veranda and a garden; some properties have 4 / 5 bedrooms, with the additional option of sofa beds, which increases the number of sleeps. In particular, the properties presented in this site are made up of apartments for 4 / 5/ 6 people, or of entire villas for 8/ 10/ 12/ 14 beds up to a maximum of 17 sleeps. All the holiday accommodations in Sant’Antioco are close to the sea, with garden, with veranda overlooking the sea, and no parking problems. Enjoy your holiday in Sant'Antioco.

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