A lot of good reason to look for an accommodation in Sardinia. Holiday homes in South Sardinia: there the climate is wonderful. South Sardinia rental for your holidays in Italy.

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special offers   The south west coast is the part   of Sardinia that is not full of   traffic, and is less crowded with   tourists.
Is where nature wins on concrete and where the people are hospitable and sincere holiday accommodations in apartments and villas in South Sardinia


”This land is unlike any other place. Sardinia is another thing: enchanting space and distance to travel around, nothing done, nothing definitive. It's like freedom itself ". (D.H.Lawrence, 1921)

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Some private owners rent out per week their holiday homes. The villas for rent, and the apartments too, are all high quality, close to the beach, and overlooking the sea. All have verandas in the pleasant garden full of flowers and local trees


They are two beautiful islands, just south west corner of Sardinia. Rich in history and tradition, they offer dozens of sandy beaches surrounded by pristine nature. There are three small towns lively, full of shops, cafes and restaurants: Calasetta, S.Antioco and Carloforte


It’s the province of Carbonia Iglesias. It’s the mainland opposite to the islands of S'Antioco and Carloforte. South Sardinia is rich in ancient remains, is characterized by the history of mining and transport of materials up to Carloforte

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The greatest treasure of Sardinia is the sea, with its crystal clear waters. Even the sea is rich in history. By sea came the Phoenicians, then Carthaginians, Romans, Genoese, and the pirates. The adventurous giant tuna fishing is done at sea (le  tonnare).The materials extracted from the mines were transported by sea.

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The Mediterranean maquis is made up of fragrant shrubs, such as cistus, myrtle, rosemary, sage, thyme and heather. The maquis is enriched with colorful flowers, such as bougainvillea and oleander, and olive trees, eucalyptus and palm trees. The farmer has added the corn and the vineyards.

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Sardinia has another important link with its traditions and its culture, folklore, i.e. holidays, festivals, celebrations that dot the island and the profane and sacred calendar: feasts in Sardinia are mainly a way to reassert the 'pride in an identity, to reassert old values​​, traditions and links with the past. You will find leaflets on this subject in the holiday home that you rent.

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SW Sardinia History traditions

The mineral processing and thus the work in the mines in South Sardinia dates back to ancient times. Ancient conquerors and merchants began to frequent the coasts of the island attracted by the formidable wealth of underground of Sardinia. For decades the economy of South Sardinia was based on sheep farming, mines, and tuna fishing. In recent decades the mines have suffered from competition of the mines of other continents, and gradually had to cease working.
Of all the mines of  South Sardinia, West coast, only a few were made accessible to visitors and tourists upon payment of a ticket: they are managed by (www.igeaspa.it) and are the following: Porto Flavia (Masua), Galleria Henry (Buggerru), Villamarina (Monteponi, Iglesias), Grotta Santa Barbara (San Giovanni). In the town of Carbonia you can visit the Museo Minerario (Mining Museum), with the underlying coal mine of Serbariu.
The story of the miners, their labors, and often their heroism, will arouse your emotions. Liflets and flyers for the visit to the mines are available in your holiday home, villas, apartments for rent.

excursion from Calasetta via ferry to San Pietro, Carloforte

The only way to reach the island of St. Peter and Carloforte is the shuttle ferry from Portovesme  and Calasetta. It make several trips each day. Time tables are available in the holiday homes, villas and apartments that you rent. The visit to Carloforte is particularly interesting  when there are  music and folklore  events. The Girotonno is a major event lasting three days


horse riding Sulcis Sardinia SW

Your holiday might be a good opportunity that your children learn to ride a horse. If you are an experienced user, you may join a group that makes a trek on horseback in a day. There is a riding school right next to Maladroxia, and there is another in the nearby mainland. For this activity you will find the flyers in your holiday home

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In Sant'Antioco and in the province of Carbonia Iglesias there are miles of paved roads, all in view of the sea: a true paradise for cyclists. If you love mountain biking, you can leave the paved roads and get to places absolutely beautiful. In South West Sardinia there are many places where you can rent bicycles of all types. In the holiday house that you rent, villa or apartment, you will find  flyers with the address of bicycles for hire, and maps of the best routes.

 rent a boat for fishing

The south-western coasts of Sardinia are very rugged: with a boat you can reach creeks and beaches inaccessible by land. If you love fishing and diving, hire a boat will open up many additional opportunities.
Along the marinas of Sant'Antioco and Calasetta there are some charterers of small boats and rubber dinghies; in any case, in the holiday homes, villas or apartments, that you rent, you’ll find fliers with their addresses and, perhaps, even with the prices.

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The south west coast of Sardinia, according to its topography and weather (local microclimates) is a paradise for kite surfing spot with many freestyle and wave conditions. The wind which "work" most of our spots is the mistral (north west). During the spring and summer the Azores anticiclone arrives on the Mediterranean, and the cell of high pressure that is so determined to make N-NW winds with average intensity of 4-5 bft (15-25 knots). Please note that according to regulations of the Coast Guard during the period June 1 <-> 30 September, all along the coasts of Sardinia, you can kitesurf exclusively in restricted areas. As for the sport of sailing, along the marinas of the ports of Sant'Antioco or Calasetta, it will be easy for you to find boats for hire, with or without crew.

SW Sardinia biking Trekking Fre climbing Sulcis Masua scuba diving snorkeling


All tourist information offices can give you maps of hiking trails, for hiking and trekking. There are also groups of young volunteers who can give you all the details or maybe even accompany you on the trails. The view of the sea will never leave you, and often you will find breathtaking shots for your camera!


Among the holiday accommodations that we offer there are some in Villamassargia particularly convenient for lovers of rock climbing and of free climbing. They are very close to Domusnovas and San Giovanni di Iglesias, and quite close to The Pan di Zucchero a Nebida e a Masua. You can climb into the caves, or on the sea. You welcome!



In the South-West Sardinia there are a number of scuba diving schools, which often organize boat trips for diving group. Of these schools you will find leaflets in the villa or apartment which you rent. As for snorkeling every beach is excellent for diving. Obviously, be careful when the sea is rough


archaeology in south Sardinia Sardinia sw local cuisine red wine from Sulcis, southwestern Sardinia


Paleolithic era, “ nuraghi” era, the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, early Christians, the Spanish, the Piedmontese, the Genoese ... abandoned mines, which are now tourist sites of industrial archeology … the Sardinia South West is very rich for those visitors who love history and archeology


The taste for strong aromas, characteristic of the Genoese and Tabarkini cuisine, influenced the local cuisine. The availability of freshly caught fish has encouraged the presence of numerous fish restaurants, especially along the marinas of Sant'Antioco and Calasetta . In the holiday homes that you rent are available several flyers of restaurants, but it is better to always get good advice from locals.


Sardinia is rich in wines of different types, which are born from the passion of the producers and their constant evolution towards quality. Sardinia is advantaged because there are many native vines, which have found their natural habitat in this area. The native vines used in special blends have resulted in very high quality wines.

And these above are reasons good enough to enjoy a holiday accommodation in South Sardinia

Sardinia is probably the region where there are the most beautiful beaches in the world. The Sardinia's northwest and northeast has become very popular, and attracts millions of tourists every summer, and perhaps for that reason begins to be considered too busy, crowded and submerged in concrete. In Sardinia south holiday rental accommodation is easy to find a location close to some of the most beautiful beaches of white sand, interspersed with bays, coves and cliffs, facing a  crystal clear water. In the holiday villas and apartments in south Sardinia, you have the opportunity within walking distance to enjoy the watersports (sailing, surfing, scuba diving) and other outdoor activities (cycling, biking, horse riding, horseback trekking, tennis) . There are many holiday accommodations in Sardinia in small towns or in the peaceful countryside along the south west coast, and these are always quite close to the sea, and also offer you to experience the traditional country life in an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. You can be sure: in holiday apartments and villas in Sardinia you will enjoy a wonderful holiday, soaking up the sun on a beach, or sitting on the veranda from which you can see the flowers and plants of your garden and the hills covered of  Mediterranean maquis and, just beyond the hills, the sea. Your choice to spend your holiday in Sardinia will also allow you to explore all the attractions that are all around (mines, museums, archaeological sites), without having to travel far  from your Sardinia villa or apartment. Your family and your group of friends can also experience the daily life of local people, going to the street market, or to the harbor early morning to buy freshly caught fish, to cook on barbecue in your garden, or go all together to taste local cuisine and local wines in a restaurant with a very short trip by car, coming back to your nearby holiday rental accommodation in south Sardinia

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